Daniel Geilman
Running Coach



  Improve your Running Technique

Daniel Geilman is an elite Russian athlete that was personally trained by Dr. Romanov in the Pose Method. He is a Pose Method trainer that provides runners with basic, intermediate and advance coaching to help them achieve their potential. Daniel is available for both individual training sessions and workshops.  More about Daniel...

         POSE Method of Running    
           Instruction and Training


- Enhance your running skills
- Prevent injuries
- Run faster with less effort
- Improve your racing results
- Enjoy running even more

desire is to make this method available for more athletes in order to help them to accomplish their lifetime goals."

        Dr. Nicholas Romanov, founder of the Pose Method

To find out about POSE METHOD training and workshops in your area, call 612-245-9339 or email vladimirarc@yahoo.com.
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