Daniel Geilman
Running Coach

Daniel Geilman
International POSE Method Trainer

My running career began when my uncle and aunt made a resolute decision to quit smoking. They also decided to start running to avoid gaining weight. Lucky for me, one day  took my sister and me on a run.  Their athletic running endeavor didn’t last long, but it was the beginning of mine.


I have been running since high school.  I found the Pose Method around 2005 when, after doing a cardiovascular capacity test (called VO2 Max) I learned that I had the potential of an Olympian and yet was running far below Olympic caliber times. When I asked the technician why, I was told that I was either not running hard enough, or my form was bad. I knew I was running hard enough, so that left only one option.


Since learning and then coaching the Pose Method, I have found, that with correct application and dedication, it does exactly what it states it can do runner: easier, lighter, more enjoyable, faster, injury-free running. 

I am very grateful to Dr. Romanov (my compatriot) for developing this absolutely brilliant and ingenious technique, because with it I have helped myself and many others in as little as two minutes (our sessions will be longer, don’t worry).

My current PRs are 15:12 in the 5k and 4:23 in the mile. But check for updates, because they are continuing to improve.  While still not quite at Olympic level, I can personally vouch that Pose is a key tool in my success.


I have coached in Switzerland, Russia, and all over the US. I have trained runners in the Pose Method on an individual basis, and at gyms such as Lifetime Fitness and Crossfit in various cities.  My greatest pleasure as a coach is to see runners of any ability have realize how simple it is, and how many unnecessary complexities they are adding to their running.  I also believe that by becoming more competent in one of life’s endeavors, you lift the rest. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

To find out about POSE METHOD training and workshops in your area, call 612-245-9339 or email vladimirarc@yahoo.com.
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