Daniel Geilman
Running Coach


"Once upon a time…there was an aspiring runner who dreamed of running injury free while improving performance and technique. Today’s session allowed me to explore and experience the benefits of Pose. I felt lighter on my feet and faster, with less effort. I look forward to further putting Pose into practice and benefiting from avoiding injuries and enhancing performance. Thanks, Daniel!"                                      

"I enjoyed the drills at the park and most of all seeing myself on film of how I actually run. It allows you to see the errors and think about what needs to be corrected."                                             


"I definitely improved my heel striking, and my knees didn’t hurt as much at the end. I could feel the difference in the level of pain."                                     

"For the past several years I have been running with pain and injuries. I would change shoes, ice, try new stretches, rest. Injury would inevitably return. Then I stumbled on Pose running and Daniel Geilman. It didn't even take a entire session before I could feel a change. My 13 old daughter, who runs cross country, also trained at the session. I could see a correction in her gate almost immediately. Daniel's drills and patience were key. We are so excited about running correctly without pain. The knowledge Daniel brings to the training session is priceless. We look forward to more coaching with Daniel. Thank you!"


To find out about POSE METHOD training and workshops in your area, call 612-245-9339 or email vladimirarc@yahoo.com
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