Daniel Geilman
Running Coach

The Pose Method

What is the Pose Method and why is it Pose?

The term “Pose” derives from its meaning of “position.”  It has been discovered that in running, like other sports such as dance or martial arts, there is a key pose from which movement starts.  It is both a theoretical description of running and a practical way to get there.

With the Pose Method, you canl learn to run like an Olympian, at least in form, if not in speed (a well-running Olympian, as not all run perfectly).  It enables you to monitor yourself and prevent injuries, run light and hence with less effort and more efficiency.


Why do you need a “method” to run?

Every sport – tennis, swimming, boxing, etc. has a technique, a certain way of movement. Running has one as well.  When you know the right way to do something, you will be more competent and less accident-prone.

Do all elite athletes use the Pose Method?

Actually, they do, or very close t it. They don’t necessarily call it such, and many have come to it on their own, possibly through years of running. It’s feasible to cut down that learning time with instruction from a coach trained in the Pose Method.

Does Pose guarantee injury free running?

Not necessarily, but it does decrease the risk of injury. According to a study done in South Africa, Pose reduces knee impact by about 50%.  If you are always in Pose, you should never get injured. If you break form and overtrain your chances of getting hurt increase. My aches and pains since running in Pose are negligible.


How long does it take to learn Pose?

In Othello (the board game, not Shakespeare’s drama) it says “a minute to learn, a lifetime to master.” I am still learning, but the basics can be taught in one to three sessions, depending on the person.  Then it’s a matter of honing those skills and applying them to training. That’s what I do in my sessions.


What do I need to do to learn Pose?

Reading Dr. Romanov's book is always quite helpful. After or concurrent with that, coaching from a POSE METHOD trainer will ensure that you have both learned, and are correctly applying, the technique. 

Is reading the book a requirement?
A POSE METHOD coach can train you in the technique even if you have not read the book. It's best to do both simultaneously. I have yet to see a runner who did a perfect job of learning by practicing on his own...

To find out about POSE METHOD training and workshops in your area, call 612-245-9339 or email vladimirarc@yahoo.com
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